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2023 Edition - Premium Indoor High-Definition HDTV Antenna-360-Mile Range

2023 Edition - Premium Indoor High-Definition HDTV Antenna-360-Mile Range

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Upgrade your TV viewing experience with our 2023 Edition Premium Indoor Antenna, offering an astounding 360-mile range. Say goodbye to pixelated signals and interruptions during your favorite shows. Enjoy crystal-clear reception and access to a wide array of channels in stunning high-definition. Don't miss out on this cutting-edge indoor antenna that brings entertainment to a whole new level. Grab your 360-mile range antenna now!


    • Enjoy free HD channels, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, Univision, and more, with no monthly contract, potentially saving hundreds of dollars annually.
    • Impressive 360-mile reception range ensures maximum signal reception for more channels, even from far away broadcast towers.
    • Upgraded Powerful 2020 Amplifier Signal Booster with Smart IC Chip and Crystal Clear Filter Technology for clearer picture, low noise, and access to more free broadcast TV signals within 360+ miles range.
    • Cutting-edge Smart IC Chip and CleanPeak Filter technology in the signal-boosting amplifier eliminate cellular and FM signals, delivering a clearer picture and improved gain and range for free TV programming.
    • High-quality 2.5C 2V coax cables with sturdy copper wiring eliminate signal interference, providing exceptional HD reception and a strong, dependable signal.
    • Unique water drop shape design adds a fashionable touch, making it small, lightweight, and easy to place anywhere.


    • Indoor TV Antenna with stand
    • 13ft Coaxial Cable
    • (1) F Male Connector
    • (1) Amplifier
    • (1) Instructional Manual
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