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2023 Edition - High-Definition HDTV 1080P Outdoor Antenna - 150 Mile Range

2023 Edition - High-Definition HDTV 1080P Outdoor Antenna - 150 Mile Range

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Upgrade your television setup with our HDTV 1080P Outdoor Amplified Digital Antenna - equipped with a 360-degree rotor for optimal signal reception. Enjoy high-definition TV with access to UHF, VHF, and FM channels, all in stunning 1080P quality. With an impressive 150-mile range, say goodbye to pixelated signals and experience uninterrupted entertainment. Get crystal-clear reception and access to a wide array of channels for a truly immersive TV experience. Enhance your home entertainment now with our top-notch outdoor amplified digital antenna!

Our Outdoor HDTV Antenna is one of the most powerful on the market with up to 36dB Gain and a range of 150 miles. This HDTV Antenna is designed to receive Digital TV UHF/VHF signals and provides the highest quality HDTV picture available. Enjoy watching HDTV shows for free!



  • Receives UHF/VHF/FM signals and broadcasts both High Definition and Standard Definition channels.
  • Enjoy free HDTV channels in 1080p or 720p, depending on the broadcast signal and your TV's resolution capability.
  • Features a powerful 36dB Yagi Antenna.
  • Weather-resistant design ensures durability.
  • Reception range of up to 150 miles from broadcast towers (please read below for more information).
  • Equipped with a Low-Noise and High-Gain Amplifier for improved signal reception.
  • Built-in motorized rotor allows the antenna to turn 360 degrees.
  • Rotor turns in both directions to avoid tangles.
  • Includes a wireless remote controller for rotor rotation, providing the best reception from the comfort of your living room.
  • Motor rotor is powered by the low-voltage coaxial cable, eliminating the need for grounding the antenna or running a separate power cable.
  • Comes with a Control Box featuring Dual TV Outputs, supporting multiple TVs.
  • Dimensions: Approximately 20" x 29" (L x W).
  • Power: Includes a 15V 3A Power Supply. The motor is powered by the coax cable running from the control box to the antenna, eliminating the need for a power outlet outside where the antenna is mounted.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Mounts to a pole up to 1" in diameter (pole not included).
  • Crafted from high-quality plastic & aluminum material, ensuring durability and practicality for daily use.
  •  Lightweight and compact design, making it easy to operate.
  • Supports 360° rotation for optimal signal reception.
  • Low power consumption, making it environmentally friendly.


One - HDTV Yagi antenna with built-in rotor & amplifier

  • (1) Rotor control box
  • (1) Remote for the rotor control box
  • (1) 40Ft coax cable
  • (1) 4Ft coax cable
  • (1) power supply for the rotor control box
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